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Let's try SuDoku solving programs (English)
9x9 normal / mini 9x9 Zigzag (Irregular) 9x9 Killer (Sum) 9x9 one difference 9x9 Multi 9x9 Disjoint
Jumbo Super Jumbo Combination Joint Inequality Samurai (Overlapping) Division
40 or more programs. Japanese SuDoku

Super Jumbo SuDoku Solver

JavaScript Super Giant Number Place Solver <25x25 or more large size> / Here is 25x25 or less size.

Caution Please set the character size of your browser as Middle . sample1(16x16) sample2(25x25) all original

9 x 9
16 x 16
25 x 25
36 x 36
box size
wid. x hei.
18x 2 17x 2
16x 2 15x 2
14x 2 13x 2
12x 3 11x 3
10x 3 9 x 3
9 x 4 8 x 4
7 x 4 7 x 5
6 x 5 5 x 6
5 x 7 4 x 7
4 x 8 4 x 9
3 x 9 3 x10
3 x11 3 x12
2 x13 2 x14
2 x15 2 x16
2 x17 2 x18
15 seconds
for a display
history clr

Super JUMBO SUDOKU SOLVER by Funahashi Study Private School in JAPAN

infomation The operation method

1) You choose the size of a SuDoku. <- start

Example 9x9 or 16x16 or 25x25

You can also choose a small block.
Example 4x3 or 4x5 or 4x6 , etc.

[ Un do ]
It can restore, when the SuDoku has been erased by mistake.

2) Some numbers are inputted.

It can set, if a blue number is clicked and a SuDoku screen is clicked.

( The another input method)

It can input into the line of a star mark (*_).
When the SuDoku size is ten or more
One number is inputted by double figures in text area.

Example small block 4x3

11 6 2 5 7 4 *_ input example
12 10 7 8
9 11 3 12

110006000002050000070004 [ input ]button

A blank is inputted as 00.
If a party's number is set, a mark(*_) will fall by one line.

Supposing it sets up an additional rule.

[ diagonals ]
All numbers enter also on diagonal lines.

3) [ SOLVER ] = Calculation is begun.

[ correction ]
Calculation is stopped. and
Conditions are amended.

It leaves as a history the problem which you inputted.
However, it is to 12 SUDOKU problems.
ov lights up more than it.

[ output ]
A problem is displayed in a text character.

[ input ]
Text data is inputted.

[ Excel ]
SuDoku numbers for Excel

[ Ex_ans ]
SuDoku answer numbers for Excel

The process with which the computer took out the answer is displayed.

One answer is made of four elements.

This [process] clause is an object for site administrators.
It is for checking whether the program is operating correctly.

12 . 5=8o_ = One answer

(12) The number of the lines from the top.
(5) The number of the row from the left.
(8) Answer
(o) The used program name.

o = only one
y = Line (Row)
x = Column
a = small block area
m = remove
g = group
t = try

All numbers in SUDOKU are displayed.

All numbers of an answer are displayed.

Cautions Cautions

* In the case of a difficult SUDOKU, another answer may exist.

* Please perform use within the limits of accountability.

* Responsibility is not taken even if the calculation result is wrong.

* Programs may be changed without a preliminary announcement.

* When the Japanese font is not contained in your browser,
  Japanese is not displayed correctly.

Infomation Infomation

* This site is famous in Japan.
This site is registered into the category of some search sites.
Google Japanese name フナハシ学習塾
Yahoo! kids Japan Japanese name 学習ゲームの広場

English version SuDoku Solver pages
SuDoku Solver 9x9
ZigZag (Irregular) SuDoku Solver 9x9 Irregular boxs SuDoku
Jumbo SuDoku Solver The sizes from 6x6 to 25x25 are supported.
Super Jumbo SuDoku Solver The sizes from 25x25 (5x5box) to 36x36 (6x6box )are supported.
Combination SuDoku Solver The sum total of the number of both sides is a hint.
Joint SuDoku Solver The number of the both sides of a line is one difference.
Inequality SuDoku Solver Some inequality signs are hints. From 5x5 to 15x15
Killer (Sum) SuDoku Solver The numbers of the sum totals are hints.
Samurai (Overlapping) SuDoku Solver It is supporting from 2 union to 99 union.
9x9 One difference SuDoku Solver The number of the both sides of a line is one difference. Size 9x9
Division SuDoku Solver Division numbers are hints.
9x9 Multi rule SuDoku Solver A rule is set as each 3x3 block.
Disjoint SuDoku Solver normal + disjoint groups

Japanese version SuDoku SOLVER pages (extract)
ジャンボナンプレを解く Jumbo SuDoku Solver The sizes from 9x9 to 25x25 are supported.
ジャンボ変則ブロックナンプレを解く Jumbo Zigzag SuDoku Solver The sizes from 6x6 to 25x25 are supported.
エリア指定ナンプレを解く Classification SuDoku Solver The number included in the classified area is displayed.
コンビネーションナンプレを解く Combination SuDoku Solver The number of the sum totals of the cell of both sides is a hint.
不等号ナンプレを解く Inequality SuDoku Solver Some inequality signs are hints.
ジョイントナンプレを解く Joint SuDoku Solver The number of the both sides of a line is one difference.
多種プラスワンナンプレを解く Variety rule SuDoku Solver Another rule is added every area of 3x3.
デジタルナンプレを解く Digital SuDoku Solver It is the SuDoku of the broken digital number.
合体ナンプレを解く Union SuDoku Solver A solution can be carried out up to 99 union.
キュービックナンプレを解く Cubic SuDoku Solver It is a cube type SuDoku.
サムナンプレを解く Sum SuDoku Solver The numbers of the sum totals are hints.

Japanese English
クリヤー Clear
計算開始 Solver
問題表示 Output
問題読込 Input
再入力 Correct
別解 Another answer
サンプル Sample

All samples are this site original.
It created by this (Japanese) program.

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